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Video Cards,Memory,Motherboard all got major problems. Please Help me.

By Yajuo
Mar 22, 2005
  1. Hello,

    Recently I decided to change my original 256MB RAM to a 512MB RAM, unfortunatly this ending not very successful, so I changed back downto 256MB RAM, unfortunatly after putting back in the original 256MB RAM I got a series of beeps coming from my PC meaning there was an obvious problem with the Memory. Completly forgetting I had handled the RAM incorrectly and resulting in damaging the memory.
    After discussing this with a friend of mine he recommended I brought new RAM which I did. I got the correct memory for my PC etc... Arriving today I installed the new 512MB RAM on my PC at home, sadly enough this didnt solve the problem. I am keeping the new memory but it can either be the Graphics Card or the Motherboard, is this true or just a rumour? If anybody could assist me with this problem I would really apriciate it as my patients is growing thin.

    Any response would be much apriciated or E-Mail never4get01@hotmail.com

    Regards and Best wishes.

    Dave Wheeler.
  2. elfinster

    elfinster TS Rookie

    I don't know why it would have any effect on your graphics card. If you fried your memory, you might of damaged the memory slot on your motherboard as well. There are a couple of things you can do. If you think its your video card (it shouldn't be) try taking it out and putting another one in, try putting your RAM in another computer and make sure that its still good. How does your computer act when it starts up, does it beep, what does it sound like?
  3. RickM

    RickM TS Member Posts: 27

    If it is you video card you should hear (Beep Codes).
    If you hear one Long and three short "Beeps" through your case speaker the the problem would be 99% video problems.
    Memory problems should be giving you a "Beep Code" as well.
    I would do a search in www.google.com for Beep Codes and see if that helps.
    **** Are you getting any "Beep Codes" at all ? ****
    I would not go getting all toasted in the head about this, there is an answer.
    Hang in there... the help you will receive here at TechSpot will get you going again.
    Rick M.
  4. elfinster

    elfinster TS Rookie

    I've had a thought. I was working on a computer today that lacked a PC speaker so I couldn't hear any beeps. The computer would not display anything on the screen, the problem ended up being that the RAM was in the wrong slot. Try switching slots in case your MOBO is touchy or maybe you just fried that one slot.
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