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By TX-2000
Oct 3, 2005
  1. ok first off, im sorry if i posted this in the wrong thread. anyway, I am a huge video editing nerd. I make videos all the time and I need a machine capable of handling it. now i built a semi-decent computer thats been holding up fine but with the newer video editing stuff coming out and pc games as well, this thing is not doing what i need it to do. right now i have the following:

    Abit A17 uGuro mobo
    512 Pc something ram (forgot, i think 3200)
    Pent 4 2.8 HT
    120 gb hd i thikn a 8mb cache
    and a cheapo GeForce MX 4000

    what I want is something with like the following components, keep in mind it will mostly be used for video editing but gaming as well(such as HL2, CS:S, BF2, etc.)

    Pent 4 3.something with either HT or extreme edition
    at least 1gb of ram
    any decent hd for the time being
    something that packs as much power as the ATI Radeon All In Wonder 9600 or 9800 2006 edition, also thinking maybe an SLI capable machine so i can multi window task
    and a decent water cooling system because their quiet(video rendering usually takes overnight and my family complains about the noise fans make.)

    anybody have any sugestions or comments?
  2. Blakhart

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    1. Read reviews on the types of parts you're considering, taking note of stability and performance.
    2. Apply what is learned from above to your budget.
    3. Keep in mind that drive speed, ram amount, and processing power are the keys to vid editing. This means you can forego the latest vid cards, unless you want one to game. You might want to consider raid10 for your disk subsystem, at least for the apps. Store data on a raid5 array if you're concerned with data loss. Since you seem to be doing it as a hobby, you might as well just store data on a single large disk, or a jbod array; Just a Bunch of Disks.
    Some thoughts for you.
  3. TX-2000

    TX-2000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea i heard about hd set ups. i know my current mobo takes sata but im using just a regular hd. i keep reading in pc mags about raid setups... what are those?
  4. Blakhart

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