Video lags when mouse isn't moving

Hello all, I have a very annoying and persistent problem involving video lag when my mouse is not moving.

I have a custom built PC and am running windows 7, 64bit.

While I was watching netflix today I noticed quite a bit of lag on the video after a minute or so, when I left the mouse stationary. And as soon as I moved the cursor the lag went away. I tried other video sources including ALplayer and youtube. Same deal.

I have updated my video drivers, updated Adobe flashplayer, java, quicktime, you name it. I also checked my energy saving settings and resolution settings. I don't have any unnecessary programs running, I have kept my eye on all of my processes and it's all fine.

I used to have my mouse plugged into a usb hub but have since moved it to be directly plugged into my PC. I don't know what else to do, I am pulling my hair out and would like some help..


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Hi there, bazookaangel. Welcome to Techspot.

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the drivers that came with the mouse? I read your post in another thread and it seems your problem started after updating Windows. When that happens to me, I uninstall, update (if any) and re-install the driver of the misbehaving hardware. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I would say it's always worth a try. Do you use any cleaning utilities -- Driver Sweeper, for instance -- when you uninstall drivers?

You might also want to try borrowing a known working mouse from a friend. Plug that into your PC and see if the problem persists. I make this suggestion just so you can be 100% sure that your mouse is in fact the culprit.

Hope you resolve this problem soon.

Do stick around as I'm sure more knowledgeable members will have better, more useful advice.
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Well, just fyi it still lags when the mouse isn't plugged in at all. Somehow, I just don't think it's the mouse at all. In the other post it seemed like the guy had a splitter but I don't have one so I'm completely out of ideas.


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Hmmm. But then video streams do not lag when the mouse is plugged in and moving? Is this still an accurate description? Or is the lagging intermittent both with and without a mouse plugged into your PC?

I'm guessing the lag only happens when you watch online videos? Have you tried playing videos stored in your PC? Do those lag, as well? You should check this just to be sure that the problem affects only online videos. Make sure you are disconnected from the internet when you do the testing.

Lagging online videos can be caused by a number of things. It could be caused by internet speed, internet subsystem, etc. You will also sometimes experience slow and choppy playback when there are simply too many people logged onto a particular website. It is equally possible that your system lacks free resources to play the video smoothly. Are you sure you don't have too many other pages opened in the background while attempting to watch online videos?

As a first step, I would try removing accumulated junk from your all your browsers. As you browse the internet, your PC stores information (cookies, cache and what not) about every site you visit. It is sometimes necessary that you delete these as they tend to accumulate and slow your system down over time. You cant try doing that and then check if the lagging persists.

I would also suggest you check your PC for malware.
I have the same problem, but it's not only the videos, but the whole computer seems to reduce its speed after about a minute without mouse movement. Not only do the videos lag the but the wallpaper changing transition becames sudden and scrolling trough a document without moving the cursor is slow and unresponsive.(kinda hard with 3000dpi but it makes the point)
I'm expecting it to be some kind of power saving feature (can't dimm the screen on desktop so it reduces clockspeeds or something).
My problem started when the computer installed some updates without me noticing it, (7600->7601)I tried to roll it back but the problem is still present.
Hopefully this will help diagnose the problem.


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My belief is this problem is sometimes related to your anti-malware package. This can be reasonably easily checked by disabling your existing one and temporarily installing a readily-available free one. MS own offering is a good test.
Adding a reply here even if this is old, because it still shows up high in search engine responses and I have experienced and solved a comparable issue.
On my AMD system, this was caused by the CPU entering a special energy saving mode called C1E state.
Once I disabled support in the Bios for C1E state, the issue disappeared.
Explanation is C1E state affected the system timers, so all timers used by various software could get stuck, until a keyboard or mouse interrupt would "wake" the cpu from that deep sleep state.
That feature used to work fine on my mobo, but I suppose as the components grew older it started to malfunction (it's a 9 years old board). C1E state is about lowering the voltage in key components when the system is idle, so it's easy to see where such a feature could cause troubles, maybe helped by an ailing PSU.
For the sake of completeness, I'll mention that I also raised the voltage by the minimum increment in the northbridge/southbridge (like +0.1v) using the tweaking features of my board/bios.
Maybe it helped too. GL.