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Apr 21, 2007
  1. Ok, I got home from work this evening, and took a shower, prior to this I hit to on button on my computer, and let it load. As soon as i sat down, I closed msn messenger and the monitor went dim, then turned off fully. So I Restarted my computer again and the normal beep occured, but the video did not boot up. The system continued to load, only problem is that the monitor aint working. me!!!

    - Olaw

    ..Everything's normal, but no video :\
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Is it the mon or the video that failed? If the sys is up but the mon's off, my guess is the mon is toast, judging from your description of what happened.
  3. TheOlaw

    TheOlaw TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well the monitor just went dim, then shut off, leaving a yellow light (the idle light), now when i turn it on, the system boots as normal and the yellow light turns green (indicating response) but no picture shows up.
  4. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Ok that seems to indicate that the sys is up and the video out is good or the green led would be unlit, meaning the monitor is probably bad. Is there another mon you can test further with?
  5. TheOlaw

    TheOlaw TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I guess I could use this one :O (I'm on the other computer)
  6. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    See how things work out?
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