Video Resolution suddenly disappeared

By cheba
Apr 21, 2008
  1. I have a Compaq Presario Desktop SR5310F with an HP w17e monitor. the native resolution on my monitor is 1440 x 900. I've had this computer for about 3 months and i am absolutely positive that my computer supported and was using this resolution just fine until this morning when i took my computer out of sleep mode and to my surprise, the resolution was reset to 800 x 600. and on top of that it no longer supports 1440 x 900?! my Graphics card is the intel 82945g express chipset family and i've gone to both the intel and the compaq websites to download new drivers. unfortunately neither of these fixed the problem. i've been lookin all over the place online but to no avail...

    any suggestions?
  2. stretch37

    stretch37 TS Rookie

    try one of the utilities at that completely cleans all drivers from your system.

    detonator destoryer
    catalyst cleaner

    Then reinstall drivers. but only then
  3. stretch37

    stretch37 TS Rookie

    can you recall any setting changes you might have made to your comp before that happened?
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