Viewing HD files on a HDTV

By sharad88
Oct 6, 2009
  1. i recently went out and brought a new HDTV..LG scarlett 2.0 which is FULL HD.
    it has a inbuilt DIVX USB port which can play audio and video.
    I am new to the HD file conversion thing as i usually download MKV files which obviously wont run through the USB port.
    i want to know what are the specification and limitations of this usb port???

    so i downloaded a HD episode(Entourage) which incidently turned out to be MKV. after conversion at the similar bit rate and aspect ratio and resolution i got the .avi file. so i connect my USB and try to run this file which is a 720p file. but the it wouldnt play the file and quotes a "invalid file!!" but it is playin a piped version of the same episode(.avi) at 624 x 352 resolution.
    im confused here if i can play a 720p file using an USB or do i need HDMI and a upscaler??
    please help me out with it..
  2. sharad88

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    and also another thing..i have a P-35 intel mobo which doesnt have onboard graphics and i use a MSI 9600GT which doesnt have HDMI how should i connect it to my HDTV?? would a DVI to HDMI converter do the trick??? or is there something better..
  3. SNGX1275

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    There are probably a specific xvid/divx settings that have to be used for your TV to play it itself. Converting an hd mkv to xvid/divx and preserving the quality is likely going to increase its size quite a bit since most mkv's are using h.264 format...

    So I don't know that anyone will be able to tell you some easy solution to watching HD stuff directly on your TV from the USB stick.

    But yes, if you can connect to your TV with your computer that is the best solution for watching HD files. The DVI->HDMI cable is going to be your best bet. Those things are going to be expensive in regular stores. If at all possible you should order online, from a store like monoprice.
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