Virus? malware? browser redirects, and logon process failure

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Jul 28, 2009
  1. Hello guys first of all I want to thank you in advance for the great job you do for the online community helping to fix our "machines".
    I follow the 8 steps and here are the logs and the problems are sometimes is slow, when I restart it I got this c:/windows/system32/HID.DLL file missing..... my browsers redirects to different webs, I can't open many pages I have IE, Firefox and safari, and finally I got this logon process init..failure...consult event log????? please I need some help!! thank you
    NOTE can't attch AVG log, because I'm in safe mode, I cant go to normal mode because I got log on failure thing.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Turn off "System Restore" by going to Control Panel, System, Advanced, System Protection and uncheck any checked boxes... Start the 8-Steps again. Run the scans again and take care of any detected malware and restart. When the 8-steps and scans are clean, reenable System Restore
  3. javgar76

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    thank you for your replay, I wasn't able to Turn off "System Restore" because I can't log in, in addition the safe mode doesn't work, I got this message: windows activation.
    an unauthorized change was made to windows. windows has discovered a change that will result in limited windows functionality. use the link below to find out how to fix the windows. Here is the link:[/url]
    An off course I can't open the link, when I minimize the web page there is not desktop, no icons, no start, nothing only a black screen, then I got another message basically says my windows in not original ( probably that's why I couldn't updated windows in the last few weeks). My windows vista is original I got it when I bought the pc What a frustrating situation I don't want to loose all my family's pictures probably 2000 pics, I have some in my iphone but not all of them, well thank you for your time.
  4. Tmagic650

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    You are probably going to have to have a fresh install of Vista done by someone
  5. Bobbye

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  6. Tmagic650

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    I do alot of fresh installs for $45. Most of the computers are so infected
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