Vista Equivalent to find a network PC

By mudmin
Apr 5, 2008
  1. I've had some network problems where no matter what advice I follow (and you guys have given me a lot), 2 of my computers cannot be seen on the network through any type of browsing. So, what I've been doing on these XP computers is Right Clicking "My Network Places" and typing the name of one of those PCs and voila, I can see it and access it. Here's my problem, though. My Vista laptop doesn't have the right click, search for computers option. Does Vista have an equivalent feature somewhere else?
  2. Rick

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    Just like in XP, you can open an Explorer window (Not Internet Explorer, but Windows Explorer). Click in the location (address) bar to highlight the path name in the text box, delete it and type: \\name_of_computer
  3. mudmin

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    That's awesome! I appreciate it!
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