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  1. In the good ole days of XP you could run a repair routine from the install CD which would reinstall all the key windows system files without trashing the contents of my documents and the emails, etc etc.
    This was really useful for getting the OS to run after fitting a different motherboard as a repair.
    I have tried to do this with a system running Vista Home Premium but cannot find the same set of repair options - and the update option is greyed out.
    Because the HDD has password protected files that I cannot copy off the drive this would be a really useful solution - anyone any ideas?
    BTW - I have tried to take ownership of the password protected files but now the system says they have moved!
  2. EXCellR8

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    i believe you need either a Retail or Upgrade DVD to perform a repair installation on a computer running Vista.

    Also, if you have Service Pack 1 installed, you will NOT be able to do a repair unless the DVD is slipstreamed with the service pack!

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