Visual Basic won't open my projects

By Giwrgos
Sep 21, 2010
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  1. Hey everyone i have a big problem here.I am a Visual Basic user for a while (i have Visual Basic Express Edition 2008) but recently.. every time i tried to open a project from start page, the project wouldn't open.So i tryied manually to open from the project folder .The froms with the codes would open properly but the designer page showed some other code stuff.Any idieas?(i don't know if this helps but i tryied to publish a program and the program worked fine)
  2. thelatepostman

    thelatepostman TS Rookie

    Same Problem

    Heyy, I had exactly the same problem as you, i'd open it up and no matter which one of the many files i tried to open it was either coding or it wouldn't open. Fortunately i found a way around this, when you open it so you can see the coding click View > Designer and hopefully the form designer should come up! Good Luck.
  3. Giwrgos

    Giwrgos TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 40

    Unfortunately i cannot see a Designer option at the view tab.Can you please be more specific?

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