VLC media player not in autoplay options

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Sep 23, 2008
  1. when i load a dvd on my laptop running windows vista sp1, the options given do not include vlc media player...i cannot locate vlc media player from autoplay options in the control panel either...i want vlc to autoplay my dvd..how do i do that?
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  3. Elliah

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    does this work for vista?
  4. tw0rld

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  5. codam

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    I had the same problem and used this site to fix it:

    www . schlackman . org/programs/vlcxp.html

    [remove spaces, it wouldn't let me post a link]

    This worked but the dvd menus weren't working completely perfectly, so I changed the .reg file slightly, by removing the @0:1 from this line

    @="\"vlc.exe\" -vvv dvd://%1@0:1"

    and now it all works fine.
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    This doesn't work with Vista x64. The registry addition installed correctly, and I removed the @0:1 as instructed, but VLC still does not appear in the AutoPlay options dropdown.
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