By Chatline100
Nov 24, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I'm currently looking for a VOIP service or something else (might not be VOIP that I need) but I wan't this to be connected to the land line so I get charged at what I pay for picking up the land line and if someone picked the land line up and I was speaking on the PC they could hear me.

    I remember on my old PC I had a modem and I connect the modem line to my phone line and I had a software that I could dail out (like dailing on the phone) and if I picked it up and was on the phone then you could hear me on the PC. I forgot what software this is but things have moved on this was much before VOIP I think it even came with Windows 98. I still have an inbuilt modem. Any help would be greatful, thanks.
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