VPU Recoverer, PC automatically restarts while playing games

By jzA_
Apr 23, 2006
  1. When playing quake 4, or any other game, while playing online, my computer will freeze up, go to black screen, then come back to game. an ATI VPU recover error will occur. I click dont send, and keep playing. I see strange lines appearing on the graphics just before it crashes. Then it will do it again about 1 min later, except this time it will either:

    1. Freeze up for GOOD, making me have to pull reset the entire computer, manually.
    2. Freeze up for GOOD again, exept resetting by iteself.

    Note: after the vpu error my graphics are screwed up (lines, walls that arnt there).

    When my computer restarts, it restarts in 800x600, and gives a microsoft error. I sent them the error report, but here is there supposdly DETAILED error report...


    Any help would be appretiated for a NEWB like me...
  2. ajkeeter

    ajkeeter TS Rookie

    What are the specs on your computer? Mainly which video card do you have?
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