Vundo still there? HJT log included

By kittengod094
Feb 15, 2008
  1. Okay, I copied all my valuable files and zipped them onto a flash drive. I heard that Vundo plants itself into any zips that you make but I forgot and I fully restored my system. When I finished unzipping all my valuables, I noticed I had the same Vundo symtoms as before. I need help and deleteing my files is NOT an option. I also have DIALUP so I can't download very many things from the preliminary steps besides HJT and ComboFix. I'm working on SS&D but I don't know. Please help me. I just want a clean computer. I'll provide any other attachments or info you need. Thanks in advance.
  2. Blind Dragon

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  3. kittengod094

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    I've downloaded Combofix, SS&D, and CCleaner and am posting my updated HJT log. I will also post any other logs you need. PLEASE HELP ME!

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    Blind Dragon, just for you I'll run ComboFix again and post the log.
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