By LakeyDaKidd
Jul 23, 2009
  1. can a w32time error cause the computer to freeze or crash?
  2. Bobbye

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    It is important that the computer clock be set to the correct time and date. Please follow this:
    • Right click on the clock
    • Click on Adjust Date/Time
    • Reset the date and time if necessary
    • Click Time Zone tab> set your correct Time Zone
    • CHECK 'automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time'
    • Click on the Internet Time tab
    • CHECK 'automatically synchronize with an internet time server'
    • Copy this server and paste it into the time server box:
    • Click on Update now.
    • When finished> Apply> OK

    That should handle the time problem if there is one. It is also possible that a small battery may need to be replaced.

    I do not have enough information to tell you if a wrong time set could cause a freeze or crash.
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