Wacky wireless and hard wired intermittent network issue

By olanddevo
Nov 25, 2009
  1. All right guys, off the bat i just want to let you all know im a graduated technician and i repair and install networks and computers for a living, i know the in's and out's with just about everything, i have troubleshooted this issue to the nuts! Still it keeps creeping up on me.

    Here is what im running:

    2 Hard wired PC's one with Windows 7, and the other with Windows XP
    1 Hard wired free to air satellite receiver
    1 Hard wired free to air satellite receiver connected by a Dreamstar Powerline adapter. (sends internet through an adapter in the power outlet of ones residence to another adapter on the receiving end)

    4 Wireless machines:
    1 laptop running Win7, 1 w/ Vista, and 1 w/ XP. The 4th machine is a desktop with a wireless adapter running vista.

    The router im running is a brand new Dlink Wireless N Extreme Router (DIR-655)

    NOTE: I was having the same issue with my Telus modem/router combo, opting for a Telus modem and purchasing this router hoping that would solve the problem. Unfortunately it did not.

    The problem:
    This happens on any given laptop(wireless) or PC(wired) periodically, also at times the satellites will cut out as well, intermittently. It seems to be in no particular order. Now when this happens, the computers affected are still connected to my network, the wireless machines connect yet CANNOT acquire internet connection. Same with the hard wired PC's... Connected but with limited or no connectivity (no internet).

    Seemed like a IP conflict to me in the beginning, but when accessing my router and checking the status, all machines and devices are connected with their individual IP's. I disabled wireless security and MAC address filtering, i know i'm vulnerable for attack but i wanted to take security out of the equation of my problem.

    Temp FIX:
    When this happens i found if i power off my router, unplug all hard wired devices, power router back on, allow all wireless machines to acquire connection, check them all (Internet working), than plug in the hard wired individually until they acquire internet connection, and than the next, and so on than VOILA! everything is working... For now. Than at some point in time, possibly when the router gets a new IP from my ISP or when a machine is restarted (but not always) something happens and develops this issue.

    I hope one of you guys is a step up on me with this and can explain what you think this might be and what i can do to fix it. If you can, you are a freaking GENIUS!

    Also, most of the time this issue effects my computers mostly, majority of the time my satellites are up and running.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +990

    Is this a Satellite connection to the ISP or just the other end of the Dreamstar Powerline adapter?

    Is it possible that your neighborhood has several wifi systems and thus may experience interference?
    Network Stumber will help discover all signals in the area and note the chanels being used -- pick the least used or one w/o any usage.

    Of course you've already updated the router firmware and the wifi drivers :)
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,177   +990

  4. ColdPreacher

    ColdPreacher TS Rookie Posts: 56

    Ya if you hadnt updated both router and NIC cards please do so. I cant see no other problem but interference, be it other networks(switch the channel) or LAN phones around the router or NIC's
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