Walmart's Vudu Spark streaming stick now available for $25, free after offers

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
After appearing in an FCC filing last November, Walmart's streaming media dongle is now available for purchase online and at select retail locations.

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Uncle Al

TS Evangelist
I'm all for anything that sends the message to the cable companies that they better start allowing the customer to tailor what they want for a reasonable price. I'm tired of so many on line shopping channels and "crap TV" channels, then having my old favorites now moved into tier 2 so they can charge me more for another bundle I don't need.


TS Evangelist
If there is a $5 credit for the first 5 months, doesn't that mean their is a monthly service charge?. If not, then what are they applying that credit to? That is information this article is missing


TS Ambassador
I had a few devices that gave me $5 each so it was fun. But the real cost is the better the HD like HDX those cost the most. It's more of rental online shot per movie. They had RCA box for the same amount to use VUDU service. But like my SONY N100 and N200 Network Media Players they can now access VUDU with the latest patch from SONY.