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Jun 21, 2006
  1. Hi and thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I bought a mercury pvt800x-l motherboard with a P4 2.6ghz HT processer,but whenever i run a processing power intensive program e.g gta san andreas or converting it just crashes and turns off after which it wont turn on for another 15minutes, @first i thought it was overheating so i bought another fan, to no avail PLUS i also noticed that i can NEVER restart my computer EVEN FROM FREEZING COLD ruling out overheating as the problem i need to wait about 15min in between each bootup.

    I have managed though to get it working by changing the jumpers on the motherboard (jbat2 short 2/3 and jbat3 short2/3) to 100 as opposed to 133 or 200 the problem now is that the processer only runs at half power meaning that in the win xp sys info it says ive got a P4 2.6ghz HT but ALSO that its only running at 1.3 half power, Can anyone help ive been scouring forums everywhere my problem seems unique i need my extra processing power for games and converting.

    p.s while its running @1.3ghz there are no heating problems at all even after 2 solid hours of converting!!!
  2. eazy_duz_em

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    Have you tought about you PSU? try to avoid generic ones...what's your Wattage?
    You have too keep something in mind...Whenever a component idles ..it uses less power,so when it is in full load it uses a bigger amount of power.
    try using this tool to find the minimum PSU power for your system
    Hope this helps, Me.
  3. blast798

    blast798 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi i checked up and my power supply is 400w but i wasn't able to use this calculater http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp that you gave me because i don't know what to fill in, in half the boxes, sorry. p.s when i put the computer together i was told 400w would be more then enough, im'e running the processer,1 cd rewriter,1 dvd rewriter,1 sound card,2 internal hard drives (20gb,160gb),1 floppy drive,1 xtra fan and a 256mb graphics card; should i upgrade to a more powerful supply and if yes how many watts? and do you have any reccomendations?
    Thanks a lot.
  4. N3051M

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    to help you fill in the blanks on the psu calculator, download a hardware analyzer like SIW or Everest home.

    Can you at least find out what brand is the psu you currently have? and also how old and the voltage rails ratings?

    You said you've changed the fan for the cpu.. have you also reapplied the thermal grease and cleaned out the dust in the case as well?

    Speedfan, and everest home among others also have a hardware monitor sensor page, where you can find your current temps, and also the voltages and other usefull info.. please post if possible.
  5. nork

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    The other posters have it nailed, based on what you are telling us. Its your power supply or cooling problem, unless you have the voltages or other setup for your cpu wrong in the bios setup.
    N3051M has pointed out the need for new thermal grease and cleaning. Also that you should be giving us the info on your current power supply.
    But if its a generic then you likely need to get a better one.

    One thing you could do. Get a home tabletop fan and set it to blow on your cpu\heatsink\fan, right on it. Then run your pc and even your game. If all is well you know you need a better heatsink\fan, perhaps a heatsink with a copper core but a better fan as well. If it still shuts off then the problem is your power supply cant handle the load being put on it. Its one or the other, perhaps even both.

    You can get a decent power supply on the net at places like newegg.com, there are some Fortrons, antecs, enermax for $30 to $50.

    I can show you lists of good and bad power supplies. Still, you should find the info on your current power supply and report it to us.
    Power supply issues are very common. Generic ps's that come with generic cases are cheap, cheap, cheap. Of course the problem starts with the electrical authorities who set standards far too low, thus allowing these cheap units on unsuspecting pc buyers! 400 watts means nothing if its a cheap unit. 300 watts on a good ps is far superior.
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