Want to buy a workstation for video and 3d

By israel romero
Aug 12, 2013
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  1. So, hey people, I'm new here... so I want to know what I need to buy, so first things firs... I have $4100 dls. second.. I almost use all the time, adobe premiere, after effects, cinema 4d and some times zbrush and maya... in video I work from full hd to 2k and 4k. so some times I do rendering for architecture also...

    So thats what I have and the programs I use, so I wanted to go and muy a workstation for this, so some said... BUY A INTEL... and others BUY AMD... and some said MAKE A NVIDIA MAXIMUS and I was like I LIKE THE FIREPRO W7000... SO WHATS BETTER? I was configuring this computer the other day the http://www.titanuscomputers.com/Titanus-A275-Dual-AMD-Opteron-Seoul-4300-Series-p/a275.htm

    With 32 gb. ram, a w7000, OPTERON 12 cores or maybe 16 cores... thats on the main thing... the other things are just accesories, but is it really the best option? or should I go for intel, please I really need to know a real answer... because I just want the render and transcoding video fast enough to make a good workflow... so would like some help from you guys on this... I have been reading a lot for this but hell... Im not a computer genious I just want to render faster!
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    I would not go for an Opteron processor as they are meant more for servers than desktops. For a build like this, you would either be looking at the AMD 8350 flagship or an Intel I7 4xxx.. The main difference is that Intel is faster on single-threaded tasks (that is the major difference), but AMD is ever so slightly faster on some multi-threaded tasks...

    Would you be willing to build the computer yourself?
  3. israel romero

    israel romero TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I dont know, I would love to say I WOULD LIKE TO BUILD MINE BUT I don't think thats going to happen any time soon... its more like my parents want to buy it directly from some place... pfff :( any way... so that was the best deal I came across with workstations... the main thing I saw was 12 cores, 32 gb ram and crossfire w7000... would you recommend what computer and what specs? for 4100 dolars...

    So, what would be the best option to go? a single cpu or 2 cpu's... fx 8xxx? I would say that would sound good because I open at the same time, after effects, and cinema 4d... and photoshop... what is better?

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