Want to learn to code? Here's an affordable place to start

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Whether you're bored with your current job, you'd like to earn a little extra money on the side, or you haven't yet started a career, it's never a bad time to learn how to code. This valuable skill can help you advance in just about any industry, even those outside of tech, and it's an exciting way to grow as a professional.

You don't need to go back to school to learn how to code, either. You can do it in your own time online with the 2022 All-in-One Learn to Code Certification Bundle.

This 15-course bundle gives you a comprehensive introduction to coding in a wide variety of uses. You'll learn from some of the web's top instructors like John Bura (4.2/5 instructor rating), Rob Merrill (4.5/5 rating), Mohammad Nauman (4.4/5 rating), Juan Galvan (4.4/5 rating), and more.

No matter what you're interested in doing with your coding education, this bundle will give you an essential primer. The courses teach you how to build apps with Ruby on Rails, Java and Python. Topics such as cloud administration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as data science with SQL and MongoDB, are also covered. You'll dive into mobile development with Swift and Xcode to build iOS apps, or learn how to build Google Chrome extensions. There are even courses dedicated to teaching you how to build your first NFT and DApp on Ethereum.

From the blockchain to web development and everything in between, The 2022 All-in-One Learn to Code Certification Bundle will give you a comprehensive coding education at a great price. Get it for just $44.99 today, or just $3 per course. Price subject to change.

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