Warning about Asus mothrerboards

By labuerkle · 6 replies
Apr 14, 2003
  1. If you buy and Asus motherboard and are unfortunate to have problems with their products you will get very angry with them. It is almost impossible to get any kind of tech support from them through email, phone or even their web page. The web page is totally unorganized for solving problems. You will not be able to sort through their faqs for a specific product and their faqs only contain basic questions that don’t not relate to what you’re looking for. If you try to email you will find the their email to tech support is down often and when you are finally able to email them they will only give you a phone number to call for support. This number isn't toll free by the way and this number is not listed in the instruction manual. The only number listed in the instruction manual is an international number that will not be able to help you any way. Also when you do call the long distance number states side be prepared to wait 5 to 10 minutes to talk to an operator who will ask you for a case number as if you should have one already. They want you to get this case number off their page if you can ever find where that is. Then after that be prepared to wait an additional 30-minute before your transferred to a voice box. There you will be asked to leave you name and number. The real kicker is you will NEVER be called back EVER! I'm still waiting for my call back from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from last week.

    Needless to say I returned my motherboard back to never ever buy and Asus product again and to warn other about the same problem.
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    Seems you had an unfortunate bad experience but I've been using Asus products for years and the few times I've had problems, I've always gotten fast service from them.

    BTW, what was the problem you had with the board which caused all this?
  3. labuerkle

    labuerkle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I was having problems with the computer shuting down after 3 seconds of booting up. It wasn't until I tried another motherboard and had the same problem that I realized it didn't have any thing to do with Asus motherboard. It turns out with the newer motherboard my power supply wouldn't work. It was a 300 watt, but I think it had something to do with the voltage. Also with my new motherboard and new power supply I noticed that there was an extra place to plug in another power cord. My other power supply and other motherboard didn't have this. I did post to a few forums, but nobody had the answer to my problem other then updating the bios. I just stumpled across it when I installed my new power supply and noticed a strange cord I never saw before and then I looked on my motherboard and noticed a spot for it. Once I plug that extra power cord in every thing was fine. In case you wonder the extra power cord is 4 pin unliked the normal 20 pin power cord.

    You said had a few problems with Asus and got through quickly. How long ago was that for you?
  4. novicegamer

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    I have always used asus boards and havent had to many problems except I dropped my sound card doing a hot swap and shorted out my pci busses but I got it replaced under warrantie,I also found that your power supply (the right one) is very important.PS i know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to puters
  5. Justin

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    I've always had good experience with ASUS

    Currently using an ASUS A7M266 with a 1.4ghz Thunderbird overclocked to 1500mhz... even though the chip is EXTREMELY hot (@74C), the board is still rock solid stable. I love it.

    Usually problems DO tend to be something else, as in your case the PSU. However, in the few rare cases it was the motherboard, manufacturers have always been more then willing to replace the board for me at no cost.
  6. Arris

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    I had the Asus A7M266 but it died strangely after a bios flash. I too had the 1.4Ghz Tbird running 1.5 (143fsb) and with the ThermalRight SK-6 and inverted YS-Tech 4200rpm fan it ran at more than reasonable temperatures. Although it wasn't silent, it was hell of a lot quieter than the Delta fan the heatsink came with.

    I did have a problem with running my original Asus v8200 Geforce3 and found that the Asus online support was painfully slow no matter which location I tried to access, and at the time many people were having problems getting the geforce3 cards to work. Turned out the problem seemed to be my GA-7IXE4 motherboard, but no support was ever really received from Asus and I certainly wasn't phoning them to be told to reinstall the operating system etc. The only semi useful support was an email from Gigabyte saying the board would only support up to a GF2. So I upgraded to the A7M266, and later I find people running GF4 cards on their GA-7IXE4 motherboards... go figure :(

    Anyway, I don't rate any hardware companies support as any good. The only thing I want from them is a reasonable RMA system. :rolleyes:
  7. Tarkus

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    When buying components yourself you're pretty much on your own. It's not like buying a Dell. Every component maker is just like Asus, IMO. You ARE your own customer support. If you can't support yourself with Google and forums it can be rough. If you finally determine you got a bad part, return it to where you bought it.

    That said, my very first Asus product, my first A7N8X, was defective. It's the first defective product I've ever gotten in about $30,000 of components bought online. Yep, Asus sucks. :blackeye:
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