Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup.

By aonyoung
Oct 16, 2006
  1. hi, i am having trouble wth my computer. i don't know much about computer. actually if i want to restart it, it keep showing me "Warning! Now system is in safe mode. Please re-setting CPU frequency in CMOS setup." but if i plug off the power supply cable, and put it back, the warning was gone. but, then if i wanna restart it again, that warning will appear again..
    so could anyone help me what should i do with this problem ?

    thank you...
  2. Nodsu

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    The battery on the motherboard is probably dead. It's a coin-shaped and -sized silver metal lump on your computer's motherboard. Pry it out (make sure the computer is off and make sure you don't break anything) and take it to your local electronics/computer/watch store. They should be able to give you a replacement.

    MIKYPLUM TS Rookie

    Re,setting cpu frequency

    did you manage to fix the fault,as i am having the same problem 0n my new computer, it starts to load,then comes up with the same problem,then the computer trips out, but cannot find any help on how to re,set the bios
  4. noxatreyu

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    resetting your cmos or bios is pretty easy there are two ways of course there's the brute method just get angry and go hulk of the mother board and take out the battery (it can be difficult lol) the other way some would argue is harder but im a hardware junkie so i prefer this method ... be cool calk and collective scan your motherboard for jumpers (i.e. little plastic tabs sticking up out of copper pins) the jumper will usually be labeled on the mobo as jmpr or something of the sort it will be set up kinda like this
    | || ||

    (incase that little thing didnt work... three pins sticking up and a metal connector encased in a plastic rectangle connecting the two to the left when you look at it ateast on mine...

    pull that pin off and move it over one.. power on the machine it should turn off... if not turn it off.... then replace the jumper... viola the bios is reset and ready to be re tinkered and broken lol
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