was told audio driver died??

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Jan 4, 2004
  1. ok-- as my name states, i dont have a clue as to what to do. I have a Gateway/Windows ME system--it crashed--as in would not get past the start up screen (just a black screen with a blinking cursor) after many and I mena many hours on the phone with Gateway support we managed to get the computer running again, if you call it that. I cant get Microsoft Works Suite installed because it has an error and I have no audio. When the Road Runner tech came to hook us back up to the internet he told us the audio driver is dead. When asked what to do now he said he had no idea. So after about a month and a half I found this site--does anyone have any suggestions of what to do?? I just hate to take it to a store because its worse than taking a car to a mechanic (no offense to mechanics) but i dont want to be taken advantage of. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. SubKamran

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    Do you have Windows 98? Windows ME is the worst operating system ever created and even downgrading back to Windows 98 or spending money on Windows XP is likely to fix the problem.
  3. vassil3427

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    Yes sadly ME was a totally loss upon release....I laugh at these IT teachers at my friends school's that claim it is one of the stablest OS's ever created(They obviosuly have no right to be teaching an IT class)
  4. notaclue

    notaclue TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it came with our computer--so if I buy a new OS than it will fix all my problems?? Do you recommend 98 or XP?? Thanks again.
  5. young&wild

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    Well of you want to buy a new OS, choose XP, 98 is way too old, MS has just ended support for it.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I'd check if there's an updated audio driver available before even thinking about changing the whole operating system.

    Which soundcard / sound chip is it?
  7. Shiney

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    Go into device manager and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks showing, if there are right click and delete them, then restart your machine.
    If possible open your machine and check if the sound card is onboard or plugged into a slot. If in a slot push it down to ensure it is seated correctly. Ensure all cables are plugged into the correct holes, and test your speakers.

    If all else fails please look for any form of identification on the soundcard/motherboard etc.

    Good Luck
  8. MrGaribaldi

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    Note, doing this will require you to have the audio drivers available..

    They should be on a cd that came with the computer... If you don't have it (or can't find it) you might be lucky in that Me won't delete the drivers...

    To install the sound drivers, point Me (when prompted) to c:\windows\system32 or c:\windows\inf
    Then if you're lucky, it'll find the drivers for you...

    Alternatively, you could try to get them from WindowsUpdate, so be sure to check that box when searching for the drivers...

    Good Luck!
  9. ak_in_charge

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    ME is pure garbage...Ok now that I have that off my chest.

    Take your sound card out and find the brand name, serial number\model number and do a search on Google and that should lead you to the latest drivers for that device. Go into the Device mangager and update the drivers. This should solve your problem.

    Also have you thought that maybe the card itself is no good. Just a thought.
  10. notaclue

    notaclue TS Rookie Topic Starter

    wow--thanks so much for the help but one problem--and no laughing. . . how do I get teh sound card out?? I tried openning the machine over the weekend but got stuck--is there a secret tool or place to get past the front panel. . . I know the basic of all basic questions but I am scared to death that I will break something--

    Thanks again :)
  11. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Usually all you need is a screwdriver, but it can depend on the case...

    If you've found the soundcard standing up from one of the white connectors on the big card (motherboard), then follow the metal plate to the top and you should find a screw...

    Un-screw it, and you'll be able to take the card out...

    But before you do so, have you tried pushing it back into the motherboard? Don't press too hard, as that might destroy the motherboard, but give it a firm push...

    Boot the system and see if it's recognized now...
    If not, take it out and put it in another PCI slot... Boot again...
    If it still doesn't boot it's dead...

    If the "soundcard" isn't in one of the white connectors, but rather standing up out of the motherboard away from the PCI slots and is covered in metal, then it's an onboard sound chip, which you can't remove...

    Then you'll have to buy a new soundcard and put it in one of the PCI slots, go into the BIOS of the system (right after it boots), disable the onboard sound and then continue into windows to install it...
  12. siggers

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    be sure to unplug the power before removing anything from your computer as well :grinthumb
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