Washington man wanted for allegedly swiping over $40,000 worth of goods from Valve


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Despite Valve's many perceived problems, the company is still relatively well-liked among avid PC gamers. However, it seems one Washington man may have liked the company -- or more specifically, the company's property -- a bit too much.

According to a report from Washington news outlet KIRO 7, 32-year-old Shawn Shaputis is being charged for breaking into Valve's headquarters and swiping over $40,000 worth of loot for himself. His haul reportedly consisted of company computers and game units.

Shaputis transported the pilfered goods to his car using a recycling bin -- this was no small task, as he allegedly snuck into and out of the building using the stairwell. After wheeling his loot to his personal vehicle, Shaputis took a small box of games to GameStop to trade them in for cash.

...Shaputis admitted to breaking into Valve's offices on "four or five" occasions during June of last year...

Apparently, Shaputis admitted to breaking into Valve's offices on "four or five" occasions during June of last year and was also apprehended for stealing a FedEx truck and leading police on a high-speed chase. Shaputis has been imprisoned for his actions in the past, but according to KIRO 7, he "keeps getting out of jail."

As of writing, Shaputis is not in custody, but he will be required to appear in court tomorrow to address the burglary charges. If he does not, another warrant will be issued for his arrest, and he will likely be brought in physically by police.

While we have no idea whether or not Shaputis is a fan of Valve, we'll offer the following warning to our readers regardless: No matter how much you enjoy a given developer's work, it may be wise to avoid breaking into their offices.

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The greed caught up to him. Apparently, he wasn't noticed the first couple of times?


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Sounds like a career criminal, and needs to be convicted to the maximum sentence. Once more, and it's time for the death penalty and ultimately face God. :( I hope he repents before it's too late.