Watch Plex in virtual reality via Google Daydream

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Plex, makers of the popular media streaming app by the same name, announced on Wednesday that its app can now be used in virtual reality (so long as you’ve got a Google Daydream-ready Android phone and a headset).

The company said it initially felt media was best consumed on a flat screen although after trying a homebrew Plex VR app called Plevr, their opinion changed. So, they brought on the app’s creator and set about making an official Plex VR app for Daydream.

With Plex VR, you’ll be able to watch your Plex video content with up to four friends in real-time, complete with voice chat (or if you’d prefer, by yourself). If you’ve seen the Netflix VR app, well, this is very similar. The company highlights three settings in its announcement – a fancy apartment , "the void of deep space" and a drive-in movie theater – although I suspect more environments will be added over time (assuming the app gains traction with Plex users).

The co-watching feature may sound a little cheesy but there’s something endearing about consuming media in the presence of others (it’s one reason why movie theaters are still popular venues for watching flicks).

The Plex VR app is available as of writing on the Google Play Store. It’s free to use although you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription to enjoy co-watching as well as the drive-in theater scene. That said, you’ll be able to try out the co-watching feature free for the first week.

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I wonder does the cowatching require all participants to be plex-pass users? How does content licensing work with that?