Watch Samsung's Unpacked livestream: Galaxy S20 launch, Galaxy Z Flip and more

Shawn Knight

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Samsung is hosting its Unpacked mobile event where most expect the company will unveil its first-half flagship line, tentatively known as the Galaxy S20. Pundits also believe the South Korean tech giant will announce a new foldable smartphone dubbed the Galaxy Z Flip.

While handset makers have historically waited until the end of February to unveil their new hardware at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that’s not always the case and there’s an argument that can be made for doing so sooner.

You potentially get more attention with a standalone event than you do at a conference alongside several other companies. It’s the same reasoning that drives some to avoid CES. Also, this year with the coronavirus, Samsung may want to lessen its presence at Mobile World Congress as a safety precaution, just as others are doing.

XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach said last month that he believes the S20 line will be available on the first Friday of March (the 6th), or just over three weeks from now, with a price tag of around $1,300 for the Ultra model. The foldable, meanwhile, could debut around the $1,400 mark as more of a mid-range device.

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Haha, the price? ha...
They will likely have sales. The last two device from Samsung I bought had each at least 200 off.


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We are going back to the X zoom range bogus marketing era. Remember the 800X VHS CamRecorder BS which was basically a software zoom on the pixels?