Water cooling plumbing problem

By red1776
Feb 26, 2012
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  1. yesterday I noticed that about every other restart my CPU idle temp would shoot up about 25c. After checking for trapped air and such, I turned to the radiators. I broke out the BK 5500 and had a look


    so far so good

    This one is actually taken from inside the rad looking out ( that's a light fixture on the ceiling.

    guess what the blue thing is? that is a protect plug for the inlet/outlets. I went back and looked in the radiator box and had the correct amount, so it apparently got pushed in at the factory. it does a great job of restricting flow though :mad:

    While I had it apart i installed a second pump.

    Before the plug broke loose and started messing with things i installed some sensors and was running :

    Delta temp: idle/load 18c
    Rad out/CPU block out 3c

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