WD Black 4TB hard drive arrives: 7200RPM, 5yr warranty, $340

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Nov 20, 2012
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  1. Western Digital announced today the launch of its first 4TB mechanical storage offering aimed at desktop consumers -- the 3.5-inch, 4TB, 7200 RPM WD Black (WD4001FAEX). With an MSRP of $339.00, Western Digital claims their new drive is the fastest...

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  2. howzz1854

    howzz1854 TS Evangelist Posts: 611   +94

    I heard NTFS has trouble formating anything beyond 3TB is that true? can someone look into this.
  3. howzz1854

    howzz1854 TS Evangelist Posts: 611   +94

    Never mind... I just found what I was looking for. NTFS MBR only supports up to 2TB. for anything beyond GPT is needed for NTFS, which will require UEFI bios if the user plans on using it as a boot drive. but seeing that most people, such as myself, will only plan on using large drives like those 3TB or 4TB as storage, NTFS GPT will work just fine as a regular storage drive on regular BIOS.
  4. Jesse

    Jesse TS Evangelist Posts: 358   +42

    Time to switch to ReFS if you are using it just for storage.
  5. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    Only supported on Win2012 Server atm isn't it?
  6. Sees 4TB hard drive priced at $340... buys two 3TB hard drives for $320.

    Western Digital, screwing people over the last 5 years.
  7. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    They always are expensive when first entering the market. Give it time...

    Release is great news!
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  8. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,713   +3,688

    Any company (not limited to Western Digital) is going to try and make a profit from those willing to pay premium prices. If you want a single 4TB drive, you now have that option. You didn't have any options for a 4TB single drive five years ago, so why are you bitching about pricing when they first come out?
  9. My motherboard has a utility you can run to enable access to a drive with more then 2TB.

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