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By Beck
Feb 5, 2006
  1. Ihave recently purchased a web cam (Mikomi M6517) for my Packard Bellnotebook. I had tried several times to install the software and it says its successful but when i plug in my web cam (through USB) it shows no image then flags up ' there is no video capture hard ware' please can anyone help??
  2. christine cush

    christine cush TS Rookie

    u have to go to (RUN) and type in d:/autorun.install.exe and click on the drivers to install them. there are three; the camera itself and then two that are dll files. when u do that it should work. if it doesnt go into 'my computer' and see is it showing the cam on ur e:/ drive. if it isnt then there is something wrong with ur usb port. i just bought one today and had the same problem. i found ur thread when i searched google for an answer to the problem. hope dat helps u.
  3. christine cush

    christine cush TS Rookie

    alternity u can go into ur control panel, put it into classic view, click on add hardware (the second one in the top row) and it will troubleshoot and hopefully fix it for u. gd luck with that.
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