Web page redirecting help

By stevegl89
Feb 11, 2009
  1. hi there, the past couple of days iv been having a few problems with my PC
    the main being links clicked (e.g. in goolge) almost always jump to another random website (totaly random) and sometimes just does a new search with random words.

    also for some reason firefox home page has a redirect loop error.

    i had these problems, scand several times with maleware bytes (it origonaly picked up and removed some DNS changer trojans but now it detects nothing (this is all happening RIGHT after a fresh format and windows install)!!!!!!!!

    Spybot, maleware bytes and avg wont update (they cant find the address) it seems to be linked with the same problem

    also note that i had to run Autorun Eater to remove an autorun that was not allowing me access to local C drive (but thats sorted now)

    any help is appriciated :)

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