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By thugline2k6
Jun 30, 2006
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  1. Hi there, I was searching for the best webhosting service in replace with the worst I had now until I bumped into this site and saw a comparative review of the best hosting services in the web. I have seen this site: http://www.hosting-buyers-guide.com/re/2005midphase/ and according to their review this hosting service is no1. Can anyone give me some feedback about this company? Hoping for your feedbacks. Thanks a lot.
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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    I use:
    1 & 1 hosting
    $3 a month, no setup fee's
    * 1 domain name
    * 5 GB web space
    * 500 e-mail accounts
    * 250 GB traffic

    The 1&1 Linux Beginner package is the perfect way to get started on the Internet. Includes e-mail, a free domain name and free phone support, so there are no additional costs.

    Also included:

    * 1&1 WebsiteBuilder
    * 1&1 Blog
    * 1&1 Photo Gallery
    * Virus & Spam Guard
    * Search Engine Tools
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    If you have an extra computer sitting around taking up space and a good internet connection then you could always do what I did and host your own site :)

    Short of that I would suggest 1&1 hosting. I have heard the most good things about them. Godaddy will sometimes decided to try and hold your domain hostage if you try to move so I would keep control of the site name. Don't let your hosting company set it up for you.

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