Webmin on Debian Woody on 486 CPU : UNUSABLE !

By DigitAlex
Jun 24, 2004
  1. As the title says, I set up a 486 box with Debian woody / Samba to be a domain controller for 2000 clients.

    I installed SWAT which is a little bit slow but well it's ok to use.

    I then installed Webmin which is completelty unusable and locks up my machine totally. I barely can reboot it or stop the webmin processes.

    When I log on through the webpage interface from another LAN machine, I see a whole bunch (like 20) of miniserv.pl processes that all take 0.5% CPU and if I click on the links I have to wait like 10 minutes until I get the full page. I tried to disable logging, but I notice no change.

    I know the 486 and its HDD are slow, but Linux itself and Samba and even SWAT are just working fine !

    What's wrong with Webmin ? do I have to fiddle with it to make it usable or just remove it ?

    Please help ;)
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