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By DonNagual
Feb 15, 2012
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  1. Hello, and thanks in advance.

    I have created / edited my own VERY simple websites before using frontpage.

    I am currently having a new website created by a design company. It is basically just a static site, nothing fancy. However, it will have some border graphics that are a little more complex than just square boxes.

    If I pull that site into a WYSIWYG web design software, will I be in over my head?

    What software do you recommend I use?
  2. mike1959

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    Web site design software

    Hi, Some years ago I started with Front page, and it didn't suit me, so I looked around and found Serif software.
    Their WebPlus editing software is WYSIWYG and really familiar if you are used to MS windows style of working. I used the free download of Webplus 8, then bought Webplus 9, then Webplus 10.
    I have tried the well-known web editing programs, and they were too in-depth for my needs, but this one was powerful enough, but not overly complicated.
    You can add a background to all your pages in the site , using the 'Master' backgound option, which would be the border you mentioned.
    You can import websites into the program, and then when ready you choose the 'publish' option to generate the html code.
    But if you can find in your shops the budget brand of software 'Focus' or 'Select' you can get Webplus 9 under the name "Select web design studio". Price in UK £10, a bargain really.

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