Weekend Open Forum: Is Jon Snow really gone?


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HBO's hit show finally kicks off its sixth season this weekend after teasing us with several trailers over the past few days. It's a pivotal time for the series as all of the plots will now extend beyond the storylines of George R.R. Martin's published books. Also, we'll soon learn the answer to a hugely important mystery regarding Jon Snow's current situation.

As we get ready to enjoy what will likely be another season packed with strategy, betrayals and deaths let's theorize for the heck of it in this Weekend Open Forum. Is Jon Snow really dead? Will Arya ever see again? Where has Bran been all this time? What is Cersei up to now she has her very own Zombie Mountain to do her dirty deeds? What other questions would you like to see answered?

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I want to say Jon's alive (with all the clues that happened before), but the theme is that the favorites die... so I'm going to say that we won't know his fate early in the season. Or we will (and he'll be dead lol)


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Now that Season 6 of GoT is about to begin, I have to make my "new season's resolutions".

1: Finish watching season 1
2: Watch season 2
3: Watch season 3
4: Watch season 4
5: Buy season 5 (I hate it now that you can't buy the Blu-Ray and DVD set combos any more :mad: )!

I'm like this because I don't want to get ahead of the story arc to the point where I actually do have to wait to find out what happens next....:eek: Well that, and I have a black belt in procrastination.

@VitalyT Funny stuff there! (y) (Perhaps a bit too technical for my tired old brain though :rolleyes: ).
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