Weekend Open Forum: Summer blockbusters that'll get you to the theater

Matthew DeCarlo

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With dozens of bombastic hundred-million-dollar productions rattling theater walls, summer always brings some of the year's hottest blockbusters -- a fresh comic book adaptation surely among them -- and things are no different in 2013 as millions pay to see...

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Two toddlers, a newborn, and a significant other that doesn't like sci-fi movies has kept me home. Just saw Iron Man 3 last weekend. Gonna try for the new Star Trek too, but that doesn't look too hopeful...


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Definitely "World War Z "and this little movie with a rather interesting title, "Cockneys vs Zombies." Both just for the fun of it. ;)

Also "Byzantium" and maybe "Hammer of the Gods."


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Went and saw World War Z last weekend. If you're expecting something similar to the book, forget it. The only commonality is that the book has zombies and the movie has zombies. That's it. I give it a C+. FX were good, but the movie had production problems from start to finish and it showed. Very choppy plot and the ending was just plain dumb. Unless you're a total zombie junkie, I'd hold off until it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray.

No other movies coming up that I'm really interested in. Too many sequels to movies that weren't that good to begin with and seems like Hollywood is only interested in churning out "Fast and Furious" type movies with a ton of FX, explosions, but no plot or decent acting.


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Well, I still have mixed taste: I watched Man of Steel last weekend, watching Monster University tomorrow and Despicable Me 2 next weekend -last two with my family, if I had the money I would have watched Star Trek. I want to watch Pacific Rim too, but "wanting doesn't get".


I saw Star Trek Out of Darkness in May. Good movie. I liked it and so did my friends who I saw it with. Saw Man of Steel in June. I liked it, really good movie. The following week I saw World War Z. I was hoping for more action but I'd say overall it was good, not great though. I'd give it a B+ rating. It was more of a documentary about how a person could become a Zombie or as the movie calls them Z's. One person liked it more than Man of Steel. He liked it more cause there was more realism in WWZ than Man of Steel.

*note* Don't waste your money on the 3D versions. Most of these movies are not good in 3D. You hardly see any depth. I think the biggest part of 3D was in Star Trek but was during the ending credits showing the planets. Now that was cool. Sadly that was the highlight. Unless ur seeing these movies in a iMax Theater, don't waste your money on 3D that is only converted which is why it's almost non existant.

I may go see Pacific Rim. We'll see. More than likely going to see Turbo with my son.


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TS Special Forces
Saw Despicable Me 2 tonight with the fam - pretty good movie. I enjoyed it at least as much as the kids did.


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Definitely "World War Z "and this little movie with a rather interesting title, "Cockneys vs Zombies." Both just for the fun of it. ;)
Also "Byzantium" and maybe "Hammer of the Gods."
Cockney's vs Zombies is a hoot - lightweight but fun. Hammer of the Godzzzzzzzz is pretty formulaic and a chock-full-O- stereotypes kind of picture IMO. If you're into the Vikings storylines then the History Channel's Vikings series is pretty good, and Valhalla Rising (with the always excellent Mads Mikkelsen) I thought was awesome.

I'm looking forward to checking out "The World's End" (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), Elysium, and if it ever gets picked up for major distribution, "Radio Free Albemuth". Oh, and maybe "Pacific Rim" IF Charlie Hunnams' giant robot does the bro walk - looks like a comedy classic from the trailers.


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Theaters are too loud, too cold, too expensive, and I find that the size of the screens make it hard to focus on the entire picture. I'm am the quintessential party pooper and will not be going to the movies any time soon.


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Haven't read the book, but the world war Z is pretty good (looking forward to read the book)..
IMHO, I think Man of Steel isn't perfect, but it's a good movie.

Now, I'm waiting for Pacific Rim


Look out for the new movie "Attack of the Killer H," it's coming to a techspot post in a theatHer near you!


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This summer there are a couple movies to go see:
Man of Steel, World War Z, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, The Lone Ranger.
With so many to chose from, probably not going to make it to all of them. Prices for the movies are way too high in my opinion.


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Pacific Rim is the only blockbuster I'm looking forward to. If I get a chance I might see Monsters University and Despicable Me 2.


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Most of the blockbuster movies seem to revolve around superheroes. It would be nice if they had a few decent scfi movies. Unfortunately there have been few decent scfi movies since the childish Star Wars. Frankly if you want to see serious scfi TV is the only option.


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If the theater screen was LCD (maybe with 4K res here we'll see them?) and not projection, I'd go more. And if the loud parts weren't insanely loud and the quiet parts weren't insanely quiet.


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To be perfectly honest, nothing. The last movie I watched was Saving Private Ryan. I simply have no interest in movies at all.


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Most of the films I have had to go to see was for the benefit of my daughter. By far the worse movie was Jungle Book 2.


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I've thoroughly enjoyed Man of Steel and Monster's University so far (and Iron Man 3 and Star Trek earlier). Still hoping to see World War Z, Despicable Me 2, Lone Ranger, and possibly a few others. Local drive-in shows two new movies for $7, so, if the weather is good, I see quite a few.


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World War Z, has some good effects but the story-line should be better.. Might want to skip that and wait for Netflix of Redbox rentals.

Star Trek movie not doing so good as they had hope. Fans expect more but Hollywood thinks we can settle for less.

After Earth movie was a sleeper at best! You'll got to sleep during this movie.

Man of Steel kinda of new story-line in this one different way of doing the movie and effects are very good. It can get good then bad then good, some good actors in this one but to me the DC cartoon versions out on video are 100% better and don't make you want to take a nap in the movie.

Oblivion, was something odd but story-line had you guessing but in the end you find out the truth. Special effects were very good and actors did a good job keeping you interested in the story. This one would make a good rental or wait for Netflix to go see it.

Fast & Furious 6, good on the special effects and story-line and the entire movie was very good if you like car chasing than this is the movie for you! If you don't then this one would be a rental for you.