Weekend Open Forum: What's your favorite video game of all time?


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This week has been filled to the brim with gaming-related news, thanks to E3 2014 over in Los Angeles. There were plenty of new game reveals, announcements and previews, including some that to me look especially exciting: The Witcher 3,...

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Definitely The Last of Us and it's a toss up between GTA V\San Andreas.
I prefer the story of GTA V but I think the map was better in San Andreas.

I loved those two so much I'm going to buy them for PS4 as well.


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Pac-man for ps1. I could not get past a level and just gave up after almost a year. nothing made after that interested me.


Legend of Dragoon. I don't know what it is about this particular RPG, but it's the only game I consistently go back and play through, even after more than ten years. FFX would be a close second.


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GTA San Andreas or Unreal Tournament 1999. I have plenty of them but these are my favorites that I can remember right now.


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Windows 95: tie, pacman and tetris; runner up: reproman

windows 98 till present: starcraft: broodwar; runners up: swat 2; red alert 2; diablo 2: lod (amazing cinematics); starcraft 2: wol, hots; diablo 3: ros; left 4 dead; pvz1


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Mirror's Edge. Best game ever. Finished it twice.

I keep coming back to Sacred 2, but I don't think I'll ever get to the end. 30+ hours and only a quarter of the way through.
I really couldn't be able to name just one favorite, but certainly GTA: SA and Bioshock 1 are up there in the top 10 easily, together with Deus Ex , Deus Ex Human Revolution, Doom II, Portal 2, Half Life 2, Mafia, Crysis, The Witcher, etc. Plus probably lots of games I already own but haven't played yet: Witcher 2, Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, etc. And this is just talking about "recent" PC games of course. Basically any game that once you start you play several hours a day until you beat it and have a blast doing it.
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On my perspective it is either the nfs porsche 2000 or age of mythology, which was recently given a HD release on steam.


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I've been a gamer since my family first hooked up the black and white Pong machine to the back of the TV (yeah, I know - I'm old). So I have a LOT of gaming under my belt to reflect on.

Honorable mention: the Zork Triology, Ultima III and IV, Elite, Bioshock Series, Mass Effect Series, Legend of Zelda - a Link to the Past, L4D2, Far Cry Series, Unreal Tournament series, Goldeneye, Crysis and probably a hundred others I can't think of right now.

But the best? No contest - Fallout 3. The gigantic open world sandbox, the Washington DC wasteland setting, the storyline, the game mechanics/UI and endless NPC interactions. Just blew my mind and was like nothing I'd ever played before.


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I might be dating myself here but my favourite(s) were the Dungeons & Dragons Gold Box games by SSI. I still trot them out from time to time. ♥


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A lot of people are going to kill me but it is Battlefield 4 MP.
I loved Crysis, Far Cry 3, Skyrim, SanAndreas.
I think the game which you play most is your favorite. And I play BF4 daily for like 2 hours. When my internet stop working then I play some Skyrim.
And I am looking for Star Wars Battlefront, Far Cry 4, DA Inquisition.


The best game of all time: DOOM

Runner up: Street Fighter II

All you people naming common typical games like bioshock, the last of us, skyrim, really know very little about videogames

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Tech changers, tastes change and so do opinions. My greatest video game at the time I played it was:

X Com

Jagged Alliance

Icewind Dale



Fallout 3

Fallout:New Vegas

Many came really close: Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout 2, Boulder's Gate 1&2, Icewind Dale 2, Oblivion, Skyrim, Far Cry, Deus Ex, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect.

Others were not so close but might briefly feel almost good enough to be challengers. I admit to carefully reading reviews as I would rather replay a really good game than to pay a new but poorly implemented one. I prefer to buy a game when almost all of the DLC is out and available and then I grab it as a bundle. Fewer bugs.

My flavor of the decade (or 2) boils down to open world with RPG elements & clever ideas.


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All you people naming common typical games like bioshock, the last of us, skyrim, really know very little about videogames
Even though I think you are possibly wrong, that still doesn't mean those games are not their favorite. Even though I do agree with you on Doom being my most favorite of all time, others have a difference of opinion. An opinion very likely based on how long they have been gaming.