Weekend Open Forum: Where will you vacation this year?

Shawn Knight

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Over the past few weeks I've been planning a summer vacation for myself and a couple of friends. My last vacation came five years ago as part of a road trip to Panama City Beach that only lasted three days.

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I don't think I'll be going on vacation this year, besides occasionally heading to the beach on weekends, which is about an hour away by car.

I did have the opportunity to travel a lot last year. I lived in Nice, France for 10 months while doing my postgraduate studies and went on short trips every chance I had. I must have been to a couple dozen different places throughout Europe, visited a bunch of friends and welcomed a few in our flat. Had a great time in Amsterdam, Bruges is really beautiful too, and spent the holidays skiing in an amazing place called Les Saissies in the French Alps... luckily we had friends working for the season there :)

Before heading back home we went on a 12-day Mediterranean cruise that dropped us off in Venice, where we also have friends so we stayed for a couple of days. So, yeah, 2010-2011 were pretty amazing for traveling!

Julio Franco

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Like Shawn I've been to Las Vegas a couple of times in the past few years, also traveled to San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, and visited Jamaica for my honeymoon. I did a lot of traveling a few years back while attending graduate school in Florida, but then my expense priorities shifted to the family, kids and buying a house, so bye-bye pleasure travel, at least for the time being. It's been worth it though.


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I'll just be staying in the local area (Seattle) this year. Plenty of outdoor stuff to do plus all sorts of music festivals which I really enjoy will be going on. Next year has the potential of an extended vacation somewhere - probably on the Baja in Mexico.


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Six Days in Madrid, then seven days in Rome and end my vacation with five days in Lisbon. Then I need a vacation from the vacation I will be going on.


I hope you enjoy the trip ! It's great to get excited by travel, but unfortunately I've done too much (yes, it's possible, and I've grown to loathe airports) so now I think of a vacation as staying on the sofa, close to a fully-stocked fridge. There are so many great places to visit though - Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Tibet, the Alps and Pyrenees, Japan, .... but my favourite was Australia. I've never been anywhere in Africa or South America, so maybe I'll get off my arse and go to Chile this winter...


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Cannot afford vacation. Working the front desk at a hotel barely pays enough to keep the bills paid. I hope the rest of you gentlemen and ladies have fun on your vacation - please treat your desk clerks with respect. It's not easy to pretend to be pleasant all day every day and still do the massive amounts of duties our guests place on us.


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I'm just heading off to a seaside town (Bridlington, East Coast) for 3 days in August. Going camping again because I just love it. I went last year but didn't go properly prepared so this time round it's going to be the "V 2.0" trip.

Cost is around £140, which you can't moan at...


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My vacation will consist of going home, eating a shipload of American food (by which I mean Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese and In'N'Out), packing up my computers and heading back to school three weeks later. Not having to crack a book is vacation enough.


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I will going to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. It's ridiculously economical and very close to home. My last trip there was all inclusive $50 a day Hotel, food and and all you can drink included. It was in March, and I didn't sit next to my wife on the plane, but you cant beat that.


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My vacations are on weekends to beach : ) Salinas, Ecuador... whenever you have a chance come by, there's fishing, whale watching, scuba diving, bird watching, great weather all year long, excellent food, everything's real cheap and people are quite friendly.
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For me, it's a twelve-hour drive-a-thon to Indianapolis followed by five days of non-stop gaming at Gencon Indy (followed by another twelve hour drive home).