Weekend Open Forum: Who is playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

Justin Kahn

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After seven long years of waiting for another full console installment in the Metal Gear Series, it has finally arrived. And its fantastic! If you have had a chance to see some of the near perfect review scores around, then you’ll know Hideo and company pulled out all the stops for Phantom Pain. This is easily the biggest and best Metal Gear title to date, and in my incredibly biased opinion, one of the best games I have ever played. The opening sequence is mind blowing! I should say, I am yet to finish the main story, so I haven’t quite got the complete picture yet, but it is already at the top of my all-time list.

To be fair, I think some seasoned open world gamers might see the vast African and Afghan plains to be somewhat desolate compared to the GTAs of the world. However, MGS V has a solid gameplay loop, fantastic player mechanics and, at least for me, and incredibly engrossing storyline (despite its somewhat stripped down approach).

For this week’s open forum we want to know who is playing MGS V and what you think of it. Is it getting favored in the media based on its improvement over past MGS games or does it really deserve such high praises? Does Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami have you worried about the future of the franchise?

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Waiting for price drop/used. In my book, near perfect scores are a red flag. Especially when reviewers are supervised during pre-release playthroughs.

As for where the franchise is going... I'd rather see a new IP than another Metal Gear. Snake has been around since I was a little kid. It's time for something different.


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I was waiting eagerly for this one, but with that pricetag, no, not till Xmas. Even nV GPU codes are twice as much expensive than usual.


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Got a copy free with a GPU, Loved the prologue/first hour or so, the main game is starting to lose my interest after 2-3 hours of sneaking around sand dunes.

And that damn tank style control method......


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Playing it myself right now (on PC) and to be honest I find it worth every penny of its price. There's so much content in it (37 hours in myself and only upto main mission 9) plus the game looks beautiful. The development quality is outstanding in my opinion.

There's tons of games out there I've paid full price for and not got anywhere near the quality or runtime of this one, so I'm more than happy with it.

Faiz Shaikh

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I placed an online retail order that delivered only 03/09 and I kept wishing for those two days that my retail guy had the unofficial yet concerned audacity to open my copy and email me the steam code from within. That or valve allowed me to preload the darn 20.3gb download that konami didnt put in the physical copy. I still dont get why they didnt save that single disc too by giving the steam download link below the serial code. I finally played a 3-4 of hours yesterday at my home pc. Technically I may not be eligible to comment here as am travelling as of now so this is a blown weekend. :(
Also I played MGS2 on pc way back, but skipped that recent raiden game and also skipped ground zeroes. Just as I skipped witcher 2 yet witcher 3 was something I really really enjoyed.
As of now I have personally not felt the mesmerizing stuff dozens of online reviews are telling me about. Likely because its only the initial levels, but I wonder if anyone shares some of the observations below:
A bit worried about lack of reports on this but I found it difficult to play on a keyboard and mouse. It starts from the menu itself, mouse clicks in menu are as if I had pressed enter. Whenever I paused for menu, the game kept asking me if I had to restart the checkpoint. I had a nice 3-4 attempts trying to save my graphics settings and wondering why they weren’t until I realized that my mouse click wasn't activating where I was aiming.
When snake regains control of his lower appendages, I realized that there is no separate key binding for crawl. You go prone by holding down the stance key which is also used to crouch. This is unlike 90% of daily play FPSes and will take time getting used to. By the way, the semi-paralysis wake-up movements were bit frustrating. Snake could only use few scripted furniture to help himself stand up. He crawled, super slow, along a hospital corridor while right above him was a handrail, all the time, within arms reach. This could not be interacted with to stand up. Hopefully it will be the only scripted linear level in the game.
Back to controls, despite the long tutorial episode, I wound up in Afghanistan without the knowledge of how to interact with an enemy whom I successfully sneaked up on undetected. I will state that also stands for unsuccessful attempts. Yet to figure out how to bring the options for interrogation, knocking out, etc like in the gameplay trailers. So some online research for me. I only realized this first hand and it was silly how the russian put his weapon down and stood while I guessed what and how to do next. In the end, I spent a tranquilizer round but then quit as I wasn’t happy with that. I could have knocked him out with the metal hand for free.
Also I hope there is a key for attaching snake to cover. Crouching behind obstacles isn’t as assuring gameplay as sticking to a cover in ME or SC:Blacklist. Like I said, back to research for a while.
The intro and cutscenes are solid, they are all very story, very serious and very crucial. They are very MGS. But often when the game snatched away the controls it was very abrupt and felt direction bending. Like being knifed from the back in battlefield 4, a control-losing punishing turn around surprise.