Weekend tech reading: Mozilla halting Thunderbird innovation


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It would be incorrect to say that Thunderbird is dead. Rather, Mozilla appears to have moved the desktop email client from the hospital to hospice, and it's now up to the community to decide just how development on the app…

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Cringely was, in 1992, a *****, and he hasn't gotten any smarter since. Reading him is like reading the NYT--fine if you want superficial engagement with the subject and the creation of an artificial framework that is supposed to make it easier to understand complex forces (but actually masks nuance), but worthless for any deeper, more complex understanding of the subject. They go for buzzwords and pizzazz over substance every time. No thanks.


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Peter Sunde (PirateBay co-founder) is living in some sort of personal dream world where the rules apply to everyone but him. He continues to reiterate that he committed no crimes when in fact, he openly flaunted and taunted those who were trying to protect their copyrighted material. Openly posting statements using his real name like, "you'll never catch us," "your laws don't apply to us" and "we can do anything we want, steal anything we want and share anything we want."

Now he wants leniency. Sucks to be him....


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One thing is pretty sure, and this is proven by the track record, if you mouth off a lot about being untouchable etc, they're going to make an example out of you. Contrary to the personality of a lot of these guys, but staying quiet often has added benefits when you do get caught.


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I think that Cringely is right, even though statements like these are always open to interpretation. But reading the responses on his page it's clear that people read him selectively. Many have an allergy to "PC is dead" and don't care what that's meant to say.

Frankly I think it's interesting to define what "dead" means. Vinyl for example still sells, even decently well, but I'd still call it a dead technology.