Weekend tech reading: RadioShack calls for DIY community's input


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Speak your mind and help RadioShack suck less We can all agree that RadioShack isn’t exactly the DIY mecca it once was. What used to be a haven for amateur radio operators,…

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Nigerian Prince
It'd be nice if I didn't have to wait 2 weeks for parts to come from Hong Kong. I hope they expand their inventory.


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I went to my local Radio Shack and asked the sales person if they had Mother Board Jumpers. He had no idea what I was talking about. I used to buy speaker parts to make my own speakers back in day, I miss those days.


I am a Ham Radio operator the shack has gone to hell over the years ,even the the store personnel don't know what your asking shame on them one time it was a hell of a good place to shop.


RadioShack: You've got questions. We've got dumb looks.

On a serious note, this chain is unrecoverable - it is done. I'd be very surprised if they are still operating 3 yrs from now. Online stores are much more convenient as no one is hustling you to buy shiny new cell phones or items with ridiculous markup price.

And does anyone think this is just a marketing ploy?


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I actually applied to Radio Shack... Twice... I went to their open house and talked to the guy. I told him all I knew about computers, parts, accessories, phones, etc. He asked me if I had any prior selling experience. I told him I worked at Walmart, but that apparently was not what he was looking for. He wanted experience in hassling customers. The first time, he hired this old dude that had an old razor flip phone and little knowledge of parts. The second time, He hired this fresh-from-high-school chick and her 'boyfriends'. They were dressed in Denim jeans with wholes all over and pen marked 'tattoos'. The chick was in cut off daisy dukes, sandles, tank top, and a decent amount of make-up.

'The Shack' is whack and I would love to see them go under.


1. This Radio Shack story so sounds like a marketing ploy
2. If Radio Shack is so clueless that they have to survey people to determine what the company should be then the don't deserve to be in business.
3. I will never shop at a store that use to hassle me for my address and phone number when all I wanted to do was buy some AA batteries.