Weekend tech reading: Who owns your data when you die?


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After we die, our bodies are reduced to dust or ash, through burial or cremation. The fate of the digital corpuses we leave behind is rather more complicated. Before the advent of internet-hosted storage and services, your digital remains would...

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Who owns your data when you're dead?
If it takes that long to relieve me of my data, then a Chinese supercomputer maintained by a group of political detainees are falling down on the job (maybe due to having too many body parts harvested by the government?). Hopefully, when it happens, keen followers of TechSpot will notice the difference when my posting devolves into
OP: My CPU temps are too high. How do I lower them?

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Personal Identity info belongs to me,

whatever I post (anywhere) belongs to no one/everyone because I lost control of it when I clicked [POST/SUBMIT]


Who owns your data when you die?
Ill just delete all my data before I die. If any one wants something from it, they can call up the NSA for a backup copy.