weird cd/dvd drive problem

By shiplett
Jul 1, 2003
  1. I'll try to explain this best I can, here goes:
    My computer accesses my cd and my dvd drives normally....untill I pull the disc out and put in another one. At that point, it just reads unable to access "incorrect function". If I leave the cd in the drive, I can gaming for hours, or if I put in a dvd, I can watch a whole movie, pausing and even quitting and coming back, but if i pull the disc out, I am screwed until I reboot the pc, and then everything is normal again.....until I swap a disc out. I don't even have to put another disc in, the drive becomes inaccessable as soon I take out the disc. After searching the net and knowledge base forever, I have not come up with anything that works. Most things I found led to an issue with Roxio's software for easy cd creator, which I don't have installed at all. As long I reboot, it works fine, but only until I take the disc out. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out, and hope someone out there can give a direction to in. Thanks if you are able to help.
  2. shiplett

    shiplett TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Did some more testing. The zip drive acts the same way, and so does the floppy. Fine right after boot and as long as the first disc in is the only disc, then it's fine. Change the disc in any of them, and it becomes unusable until I reboot again.
  3. iss

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    I have had a similar problem twice before both times it happend after a bad install of some burning software.

    the first time deleteing the secondary ide channel in device manager(both CDRW adn DVD rom were on the secondary IDE) and rebooting letting the system reinstall the drives and ide channel solved the problem. the second time nothing worked except a reformat and reinstall before the drives worked properly again.

    y9ou could also try running chkdisk if you are using XP
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