Weird problem, blue screen

By virusxman
Feb 10, 2009
  1. Alright well, on this computer, IBM thinkpad, i have already had to format to default like 3 times for different problems, then i got it workin perfectly. But for some reason now, when im at home it randomly restarts and brings up a blue screen with "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" and a bunch of other word crap. It happens randomly though.

    What I dont understand is, when im at my girlfriends house, which is like 85% of the time, it NEVER does it, not once, and i can leave it on all day. But once i get home, literally like 10 minutes after i get home and turn it on, it will do the blue screen. and then randomly do it for the rest of the night.

    my girlfriend says my house is haunted, and im beginning to believe her.

    After my computer restarts and i choose to run windows at the last known good configuration, a windows box opens up and says that Microsoft windows has recovered from a serious error and that stuff above is what it says when i go to the data that caused the error.

    Could the wireless internet im connecting to be the problem? because the other computer in my house, my moms desktop. She gets random errors with the internet closing and saying there are errors.

    I even ran all the diagnostics on the IBM thinkpad menu. everything passed.
  2. Route44

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    That error is due to faulty drivers or buggy software. What wireless set-up are you using? Sounds to me like your issue lies in your wireless system.
  3. virusxman

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    Uh well, we have cox internet, and I have a D-Link set up for wireless, and im guess the first time my computer did the blue screen was for the same reason. Except that time it said unmoutable boot memory, but it happened as soon as i got home, and it was working fine at my girlfriends.

    I dont see what could be wrong with the wireless, i havent done anything to it. Oh, and my girlfriend has Fios, or verizon, i normally plug the main connection into my laptop, but even with her wireless it works fine.
    My wireless connection at home tends to spike or shut off every 10 minutes for a few seconds.

    When i posted this problem, last night, i was at home and it was doing the blue screen all night like i said, right now im at my girlfriends and ive had it running for about 3 hours no problems.
  4. Route44

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    I would notify Cox Internet and tell them of your issues with their wireless connection. Make sure you point out to them that systems at home blue scree but when on another wireless access everything is fine. Again, from what you supplied, we're looking at driver issues.
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