Weird Request

By Evulafro
Feb 26, 2010
  1. So I'm just chatting with my dad when he thinks it would be cool if i recover some files from this really really old computer. And I mean the type of computer I now look at and wonder how it works so fast lol.

    56MB of ram lol

    Anyways I get it running but now I have no idea how to remove the data. It only has a dial-up connection which i don't have. The hardrive is only 3GB so I figure if i can figure out how to get a USB in there i can clean it in 2 goes if not just one.

    Problem is I have no idea how to find the driver or if they would even work on win98.

    I'm trying to use a Kingston USB 2 GB drive. When i started messing with it found that the driver was disk.sys, but thats the xp driver i guess.

    Any ideas at all how to get the info out? The computer doesn't burn cd or dvd.

    Oh and it recognises it when i put the USB in but it asks for a place to look for the drivers :p. I can burn a cd with the driver and put it in the cd-drive or something, but how do i get a 2GB USB drivers for win 98 lololol
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  3. Evulafro

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    Nice man now i feel inept lol. Guess i never was very good at googling things
    Worked like a charm. Im now transfering the amazing 1 GB of info lol
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