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Weird sound problem please help

By rich2k4
Dec 28, 2004
  1. well my sound has been working fine until the past few days. i would be listening to songs, and a certain insturment would drain out and i can't hear it. however i can hear all other instruments perfectly.

    for example the song revolution by the beatles, i could hear only the vocals and the drums perfectly, but the guitar and bass are really faint.

    this happens on many other songs too.

    also when i record the song using the "what you hear" feature, on AIM's recording feature, and then play it back, i can hear all the instruments fine.
  2. rich2k4

    rich2k4 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone? please help
  3. anubhab123

    anubhab123 TS Rookie

    check your sound balances and stuff.I know that if you go into the configurations it can tell you how to control bass treble and what not. If you dont know what to do then just set it to default settings.
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