Welcome screen delay (Win XP Pro/SSD HD)

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Dec 8, 2009
  1. Hi guys,

    My computer has developed this problem recently where it will hang on the welcome screen after login. I have a SSD installed (for over a year now) which speeds up my boot time and everything loads within 5 seconds of it appearing but it stays up for another 20-25seconds on top of that. The arrow has no egg timer or anything. i can tell that my startup items have loaded as i have color adjustments on my nvidia drivers.

    Eventlog is clean and so is my startup list.

    Im stumpted on this one:confused:, any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. scuzzo

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    Can you give me some more information to go on? How much memory? How much total HD space? How much HD space used? What have you done to trouble shoot the problem? Have you tried booting into safe mode? Are you saying you can see the desktop or is it staying on the login screen?
  3. ragebflame

    ragebflame TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 76

    Yes sorry, the first post was a little vague.

    The HD is an OCZ vertex SSD 60gig
    There is 20 gig free on the drive which shouldnt affect it.
    I have 2 gigs of ddr2ram

    As for troubleshooting, i removed clutter from my startup list and ran the ocz wiper which keeps the SSD read/writes speeds snappy. Then i thought it may be a network issuse, but i disabled my lan port and still no joy. Safe mode is unaffected as it dosnt have a welcome screen.

    I have no password on my account so it goes straight to the welcome screen. I hear the sound, then i can see the screen color change (nvidia drivers adjustments) and the egg timer beside the arrow. this lasts for about 5 seconds then the arrow dissapears. ie.everything is loaded and good to go. but the blue welcome screen just sits there for another 25 seconds before i can get to the desktop.

    I hope this helps.
  4. scuzzo

    scuzzo TS Rookie Posts: 50

    A couple of different things to try to narrow it down. Does this happen with all user accounts or just one? Have you tried creating a new account to see if the problem persists? Have you tried MS BootVis to optimize the startup times? Is the computer networked (not just on a router but actually networked or shared with other computers)?
  5. gbhall

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    HDD speedy or not speedy, I can only suggest that you are expecting a lot of XP pro to boot in seconds. It just can't happen. Most people (like myself) are used to seeing the full XP user desktop appearing, but the OS is still not 'responsive' for about a minute or more thereafter.

    I think it is checking the internet for updates to a number of packages you may have (java for instance) and especially anti-virus or Windows updates. Take the latter case, for instance, I dont allow MS automatic update, just to be advised if updates are available to download, but that advice will always come up before the desktop is responsive, so obviously that internet check is slowing up the complete boot for me.

    What I am saying is, you would be most unusual if you have turned off all packages checking for updates: and you would be foolish to turn off automatic updates for your anti-virus, and these all take time....

    I do see that you tried disconnecting your Lan port, but I would reckon that would not help, as the software will probably take even longer to 'time out' when there is no connection when one is expected.

    I suggest it is not your HDD that is using up the boot time, it is the internet connection.
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