Western Digital ships 640GB Scorpio Blue notebook drive

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Western Digital has begun shipping its 640GB Scorpio Blue notebook hard drive that utilizes 320GB-per-platter technology. Housing two platters, the Scorpio Blue is designed to be compatible with all mainstream notebook systems with its 2.5" by 9.5mm profile.

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SATA interface only. But it looks like I could also get a 1TB 2.5 " SATA 3.0 drive. Wow! The largest PATA looks to be 320 GB. Darn, that's what my laptop takes.


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I hope they last longer than the 12 Western Digital 500 GB laptop drives we purchased. At least WD replaced them quickly.

PATA drives will never exceed 320... which are rare. The 250 GB PATAs are enough for nearly every possible user... there is simply no market for the larger ones... because they don't make EIDE laptops anymore.
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