What are symptoms of faulty CPU?

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Dec 4, 2003
  1. I built a new computer 3 weeks ago and it ran perfectly for 2 weeks. Then crashed while playing MOH. Problems started after that so I thought that corrupted the OS so I did a clean install of everything. Didnt help. All games freeze after about 5 minutes of play, I keep getting blue screen- "windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer", page fault errors and lock ups. It happens in every program, even just from clicking on an icon, and had a few random reboots. Ive replaced every piece of hardware including PS and done 7 OS installs with and without updates, service packs and different driver configurations. It happens when OC's or default settings. Temps are normal 110-125* F. Now Im down to the mobo or processor. Had the processor since may and never had a problem. But mob is a referb from Newegg that was supposedly inspected by the manufacturer. Im going to see if Biostar will replace it. If not Im getting an Abit. Thanks
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    That can happen from OCing. Some people might use an OCed CPU for years, sometimes it won't last weeks. You accepted the risks when you started OCing.

    What you need to do is run some Burn-in tests such as Memtest or AIDA16 for a long while & see if you get any errors.

    It could also be a HDD just waiting to fail & loose your Data.

    What temps are you getting BTW ? ( CPU, system, HDD, etc )

    PS. In case you don't feel like doing separate bootdisks for each utility, download UltimateBootCD, AIDA16 & Memtest86 are on it.
  3. vegasgmc

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    I swapped the HD and had the same problems. Them main HD is a WD Special Edition that runs very cool. CPU temps are 110-120* F, case temp are 75-80*. Ive swapped out the memory too , also video card, sound card, NIC, TV tuner, CD drives.
  4. Rick

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    There are many possible symptoms of a bad CPU... And the results of such a thing are only limited by your imagination.

    I'd like to take my bet on the board, since I've seen more boards go bad than CPUs.
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    Download and install CPUIdle

    On my Athlon XP1900 with Zalman CNPS6000-Cu cooler I have 30 deg C for CPU and 32 C for mobo when idle and doing standard stuff.
    Under load the CPU never goes over 35 C/mobo 37 C.
  6. NoisySilence

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    CPUIdle only works if your CPU is idling. If you happen to be playing games or crunching data, it will be of no use.
  7. novicegamer

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    My bet is its the ram,try some differant ram before you buy a new CPU
  8. vegasgmc

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    I swapped out the RAM too. Didnt help. I put in an old gigahertz Thunderbird today and havent had any problems so far. I needed an excuse to buy a Barton chip anyway.
  9. PreservedSwine

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    No, that won't tell you.

    If your RAM is unstable at much higher mhz, then by running it at a much lower frequency stable will tell you nothing.

    Go into your BIOS, and relax the timings of the RAM, and lower your FSB speed as well.

    Much better chance of the RAM failing than your cpu, just a statistical thing:)
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