What can one use Adobe Illustrator for?

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Sep 22, 2008
  1. I do tons and tons of scale sketching of vehicles, cities, worlds, platforms, and other things for my RPG group, but what can Illustrator CS3 be used for? I cant seem to understand it's tools and what is it's purpose? Is it better suited to do outline drawings and scale drawings of things?

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  3. CaptainJaneway

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    LOL thats almost helpful
  4. CaptainJaneway

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    so can anyone answer my question?
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    my gf uses it a fair bit for her uni course on graphic design ... she mostly uses it for illustration (surprisingly)
    its a good way if cell shading things aswell

    but from my attempts at it it seems if you have photoshop you dont really need illustrator

    illustrator seems to be aimed more at people with tablets etc and who want to sketch as opposed to photoshop which is better for enhancing existing pictures

    could be wrong tho

    sorry i cant be more help
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    Thank you sir.
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