what does raising crossover frequency do!

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Dec 27, 2003
  1. hey
    this is a better way to word my last question

    i raised the crossover frequency on my speakers by using my nforce2 mcp-t soundstorm utility,

    what does raising the crossover frequency do, does it damage anything if i goto high?

    tnx for future answers.

    im using a ga-7n400 pro mobo
  2. tripleione

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    Taken from XBit Labs:

    Although I'm not 100% sure, I would guess that any sound lower than the frequency specified would be play through the subwoofer instead of going through the satellites. This can be useful for obvious reasons (e.g. if you are getting too much bass through the satellites) but if you turn it too far up I bet it will start sounding kind of awkward.

    Perhaps you should play with the setting and find out what sounds best for you.
  3. olefarte

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    I thought I explained this reasonable well in the other thread you posted with this same question.

    The higher crossover frequency WILL NOT damage your sub, it will just let unwanted higher frequencies play through it, it's designed for low bass, not higher frequencies.
    The crossover lets you adjust how much higher frequencies is going to you sub, like I said, I would start at about 120, and adjust it to where it sounds right to you.
  4. fearcrest

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    oh yes, sorry for double post if any of you got mad
  5. olefarte

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    No problem, nothing for anyone to get angry about.
  6. Gioxtream

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    The subwoofer crossover or the Reciever crossover?

    What a headache!!! I have the Yamaha AV RX-1400 ...This reciever comes with different crossover points (to tweak).But. why? Dont i have already the Crossover controls on my yamaha servo tech YST-800 SUBWOOFER????

    Can someone tell me what is the best crossover point...someone told me to set up the crossover point to the max level(140HZ).Then.Setting the volume to the same volume of the main speaker but..i am not sure,because when i do that i feel the subwoofer getting the same noise(almost not noticeable) as the plug of a guitar when being touched.

    Question#2: My reciever has the LFE Control to setup from 0 to 20.What is the right setting on this ?

    Please help me Master!!!!!

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